Social Program

Social Program

Original, traditional and cultural places of Saint-Malo pave the ground of a promising social program. Besides all the lunches, we offer you the following social program.

Monday, October 3: Satellite Events Welcome Reception

Palais du Grand Large, Rotonde J. Cartier
19:00 to 22:00

For this welcome reception it will be our pleasure to let you discover the huge diversity of French cheeses. A wine steward and his crew will also be there to guide you through the diversity of wines and their associations with cheeses, meats and smoked fishes.


Wednesday, October 5: Conference Welcome Reception

Palais du Grand Large, Grand Large room
19:00 to 22:00
sponsored by eclipse

A cocktail sponsored by Eclipse will be served in the Grand Large room. This evening will feature several events: the MODELS’16 SRC awards, different interactive demos and animations offered by our sponsors, and a live musical show by Radiovox!

Radiovox: vocal harmonies with a definite swing to it. A cocktail to be siped in a comfortable armchair, dressed in tweed or nylon stockings.


delicious and very nicely decorated at a wedding reception food

Thursday, October 6: Gala Dinner

Demeure de Corsaire – Hotel Magon
19:00 to 22:00

All registered people will find their Gala ticket in their conference kit.

Welcome to Hotel Magon.
This house was built by François Auguste Magon de la Lande, Privateer with the Royal Seal of Approval, merchant trader of Saint-Malo, one of the most powerful shipowners of this town, and not only that but also one of the directors of the East India Company of Saint-Malo.

This Particular Building is placed at the very heart and center of the honor courtyard. This is very rare in Saint-Malo and according to the Historians, it is a testament to the great wealth and power of its owner. Inasmuch as there was very little space indeed inside the walls, all the Merchants town houses were tall perpendicular buildings with their frontages directly facing the road (as in the construction of the houses on rue d’Orléans).

To-day this house is classed as an Historic Monument, and as such is a Listed Building both inside and on the outside; this was to preserve its authentic caracter and to guarantee that during restoration and its subsequent upkeep, no significant historic faults would creep in. This house has 60 rooms in all on 8 floors, 12 stairs inside…


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