Modeling Clinic


For the first time this year at MODELS’16, you have the opportunity to participate to the MODELS Clinic., a space where you have a specific face to face meeting with experts in your preferred modeling technology who will help you to solve specific difficulties that might face.

How it works

It can take a minute to an expert to fix a model or a tool extension, while the adopter may be completely lost for the same fix. The Clinic is a dedicated zone where experts have a table and dedicate a part of their time for face to face appointments with users who come with their model, their tool extension and their issue.

The modeling experts

We selected recognized experts for the following technologies:


There will be two days dedicated to the clinic during the MODELS’16 conference:

  • Monday, in parallel with the satellite events
  • Thursday, in parallel with the main conference

How to register:

Request a time slot with this form!

If you have specific request, send us an email. As this is the first time we organize the clinic at MODELS, we are open to any suggestions.

Gaël Blondelle,
MODELS 2016 Clinic Chair

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