Call for Modeling Experts (Clinic)

Call for Modeling Experts

Dear Doctor Modeling,
we need you for the MODELS’16 Clinic!

This year, the organizing committee of MODELS 2016 introduces the “Modeling Clinic”, a space dedicated to experts who will help users and adopters go ahead with modeling technologies. MODELS is the most renowned and attended modeling conference. The Clinic is a great opportunity to promote your tools, make the learning curve smoother and to meet the users in person!

How it works

It can take an expert a minute to fix a model or a tool extension, while the adopter may be completely lost for the same fix. The Clinic is a dedicated zone where experts have a table and can manage an agenda of appointments with users who come with their model, their tool extension and their issue. Each expert would manage her own agenda according to the specificities

What it is

For the clinic, the conference organization provides the opportunity, the publicity, the space and overall organization during one day of the co-located events (Oct. 3, 2016) and one day of the main conference (Oct. 6, 2016). MODELS attendees come with their own case studies, issues and open questions during appointments. Modeling experts provide their expertise.

What it is not

The clinic is not a marketing opportunity, but a technical place. Experts cannot come with rollups or marketing materials (this is not a free opportunity to sponsor the conference!). The only material they can bring to the clinic is their advanced knowledge of the tool or technology, and a part of their time to help MODELS attendees establish a privileged relationship with them. Experts do not receive a free registration to the conference. They must register for the main conference, and/or co-located events, in order to participate.

Gaël Blondelle,
MODELS 2016 Clinic Chair

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