User Experience (UX) in Model-Based Software Engineering

Moderator: Jon Whittle
Panelists: Silva Abraho, Francis Bordeleau, Betty Cheng, Sahar Kokaly, Richard Paige, Harald Stoerrle

Most MDE tools are horrible to use. It well-known that UX is a key criterion affecting the successful adoption of new technologies. Despite this, there is almost no research in the MDE community on usability and UX for MDE. And commercial vendors also seem to pay little heed to the needs of their users. Although it is now common for MDE research papers to include “user studies” as part of the evaluation, UX is often not the focus. In contrast, UX in the software development industry is a hot topic, with most companies investing heavily in UX teams. Key questions which this panel would address are: (1) What does UX mean for MDE? (2) Why are most MDE tools so horrible to use? (3) What can be done about it?

We are encouraging Twitter discussions/questions related to the panel before, during and after the panel itself. Please use hashtag #uxmbse. In particular, we will be choosing good questions from Tweets to ask to the panellists during the panel.

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