Appel à tutoriels

Call for Tutorials

The MODELS conference series is the premier venue for the exchange of innovative ideas and experiences related to model-driven approaches in the development of software-based systems. Topics covered by the conference include domain-specific modeling languages, meta-modeling, semantics, evolution, and verification, among many other topics of interest.

Following the tradition of previous conferences, MODELS 2016 will host a number of tutorials during the three days before the main conference. Tutorials provide intensive courses on topics ranging from thoughts on the past, current, or future development of the modeling discipline to presentations and/or demonstrations of new tools and technologies. A slot in the tutorial track will normally be 3 hours (half-day) for a regular tutorial.


Tutorials should target an audience of practitioners, researchers (academic and industrial), students, and developers familiar with and already working with software modeling techniques. The target audience typically has a strong interest in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), including work on improving and evolving modeling languages (such as UML or DSLs), developing sophisticated MDE tool support, and using MDE to develop/test/reverse/maintain complex systems. Potential attendees may also be interested in how modeling has been applied effectively in specialized domains (e.g., in the automotive industry),wainsv18-15yKp://modelmaytl2BNLEv past,ttendeespan>="#">Informations pratiques